What Is A Lever Corkscrew?

You’ve gone down to the wine cellar and picked the perfect bottle for the evening. It’s finally time to pour a glass of wine for everyone.

You go to retrieve the corkscrew, but it’s not in its usual place. Searching a little more intently, you find an old one that you maybe got in college. Fumbling around a bit, you screw it in, but struggle to take it out. The cork tears a bit, then breaks entirely. You go back in, but it breaks yet again. Now you get to figure out how to open it fully and how to filter those little cork bits out of your wine.

The hardest part about tonight’s wine should be choosing what to drink, and you should certainly not have to struggle to open it. To ensure smooth sailing, wine-wise, we recommend a Lever Corkscrew.

Best Lever Wine Corkscrew
The Lever Corkscrew helps ensure your cork comes our clean and effortlessly.

What is a Lever Corkscrew? Great question. It’s a modernized corkscrew, designed to make the wine-opening process a breeze. All you have to do is remove the foil, place the corkscrew on top of the bottle, then push the handles together to stabilize it. Push the handle down to insert the spiral into the cork, then back up to remove it. The whole process is quick, foolproof, and takes little strength or finesse to achieve.

This is a great and, for us, an indispensable tool to keep around. It also makes a great gift for fellow wine-lovers! The hardest part of tonight’s wine adventures should be finding the perfect bottle.