This Is The Best Way To Filter Out A Broken Wine Cork

You’ll never forget your first bottle of old wine. There is nothing like the magic of opening an edible time capsule. You have your handy corkscrew ready, your most elegant glassware polished, and it’s time for one of the most memorable moments your palate will experience. You’ll especially never forget it if that decades-old cork starts crumbling before your very eyes.

Wine corks, like any natural product, are not always the same and can change over time. Sometimes even new bottles will have wine corks that can break and fall into your wine. Don’t cry into your sandy Cabernet Sauvignon just yet. Rather than using coffee filters or playing the “avoid the floating sediment in your glass” game, simply use the Filter Wine Pour Spout.

Best Way To Filter A Broken Wine Cork
This pour spout makes it extremely easy to filter out broken corks.

Insert the drip-free pour spout into your bottle, and it will thoroughly filter the wine while serving it, not only saving you from sediment but also softening tannins and harshness and bringing out the nuances of your wine: no extra balancing, no aggressive spills, no problems. If you’re resting the bottle on the table between pours or even for longer, you can insert the leak-proof silicone stopper to ensure no spills occur. It’ll simplify your life, improve your wine drinking experience, and is dishwasher safe. What more could you want?

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