The Science Behind Cheese Grottos

So you’ve become a bit of a cheese pro over the years, but maybe now you’re realizing that tasting and storing are two different games.

It’s one thing to be able to recommend the perfect triple-creme brie or sharp, hard cheese for a board, but it’s another to be able to keep it food-safe and ready to serve for more than a week.

Moreover, cheese storage is an issue for more than just pros! For those who luckily fished a perfect jackpot slice out of the small cuts bin, or took home a healthy wedge from a friend’s house, storage may be the biggest obstacle you didn’t even think about.

Thankfully, we did. At VinePair, we know a thing or two about wine and cheese, but we also know that convenience is king. At home, we always reach for this Cheese Grotto because it can extend a cheese’s lifespan well beyond what you would see if you simply left it wrapped up in plastic in your fridge, and also protects your favorite snack from the after-taste that different — “convenient” — storage options may leave behind.

The best Cheese Grotto, and our guide to cheese grottos.

In one study, a team at Cooks Illustrated found that cheese wrapped in plastic produced “sour-off flavors” when stored for a few weeks, but we understand that sometimes consumers choose plastic wrap simply because of the convenience.

Luckily, Cheese Grottos are even more convenient. There’s no need for plastic or any other type of disposable wrapper, instead, you can simply pop your cheese right into the grotto and leave it to ripen on your counter or in your fridge.

Because of the clay brick inside the grotto, the entire environment within your cheese box will stay moist and cheese-safe longer than the still air in any refrigerated Tupperware. This also helps your cheese mature, so real pros can find even better flavors and aromas in their favorite wedges.

We love this Cheese Grotto because it can hold up to four pounds of cheese, yet fits comfortably on any kitchen counter. Its antimicrobial floor will keep your cheese safe, and the food-safe finished birch is stain resistant.

Of course, the grotto comes with a plexiglass window so you can easily keep an eye on your cheese, and with two removable bamboo shelves, you can stack your rounds or make plenty of room for your favorite giant cheese.

This design mimics the actual environment used in cheese caves, so it’s sure to protect and age your cheese as nature intended. Nevertheless, with plenty of helpful modern features, you’ll never have to head into an actual cheese tunnel again.