Every Cheese Lover Should Have A Cheese Grotto

So, you’re the cheese friend in the group. Your friends text you almost weekly to ask for pairing recommendations. In times past, when parties weren’t a public health hazard, you were the one bringing the cheese plates. Now, you’re the one curating everyone’s online orders.

Committed cheese lovers know that careful, price storage of cheese extends its shelf life and saves you money. Even you, the cheese pro, can take your cheese game to the next level with a Cheese Grotto. You can go with the small bamboo Piatto, holding up to a pound of cheese, the birch and bamboo Mezzo, holding up to two pounds of cheese, or the larger birch and bamboo Fresco which holds up to three pounds of cheese. You don’t need to live in Europe to have a cheese cave in your very own home!

Best Cheese Grotto Mezzo

In fact, the term “cheese cave” can be broken down into the less romantic “a humid storage space that maintains a temperature of 45-60F.” If you’re hoping to keep your cheese in primo condition, you can leave it out on your counter with the cheeses you’re hoping to eat for the week. You can also put your Cheese Grotto in the fridge to keep your cheese in more ideal long-term storage conditions and it will keep your cheese at peak for up to three times longer.

When cheese is stored in the Cheese Grotto, it requires no wrapping paper, thanks to a protective yet breathable environment. Plexiglass paneling means you can keep an eye on your cheese and consume it when it’s perfectly ripe.

Best Cheese Grotto Piatto

The Cheese Grotto Piatto, the smallest of the options, is great for cheese lovers in tiny apartments—the magnetic paneling makes for easy assembly, disassembly, and storage. The larger options, made with sturdy birchwood, come with a genuine leather tab on the plexiglass panel with a copper mount.

You’re treating yourself to wonderful cheese—why not treat your cheese to ideal storage conditions? Your cheese will last longer and taste even better.

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