The Coupe: An Expert’s Glass Explained

For many, the word “coupe” is much more confusing than the sight of the actual glass. While the majority of cocktail fans and Friday night imbibers are used to sipping an easy-breezy Martini or Daiquiri out of one of an elegant “coupe,” the term rarely makes it to a wishlist — until now.

Today, the coupe deserves a place in every kitchen cabinet, especially with the rise in home bartending. It’s the perfect vessel for drinks that are served “up” (or chilled and without ice) and will help elevate nearly everything you pour into it.

If you’re still not sold we’ve compiled a list of five fun cocktails you’d probably never make without toting a coupe glass for serving. If you are in fact sold, well we’ve got even better news: and the glass to prove it.

Best Faceted Coupe Glasses

Forget the dainty set of coupe glasses your relatives sent you because there are a million coupe glasses quickly innovating the classic standard. For example, these faceted crystal coupe glasses exude all the elegance (and tools for serving) you’d find in a standard coupe, with a new geometric design that will reflect all the happy hour light around you.

That’s right, prepare to fling the golden hour across the room with these reflective glasses, that frankly turn your cocktail into a light show. Tim McKirdy, VinePair staff writer called them “super slick,” but he’s just one of the glasses’ many fans.

Each set comes with two glasses that boast a larger capacity than your usual coupe, so you can pour hearty cocktails from brunch to dessert.