Freeze This Glass for Cold Wine All Summer Long

Some people get excited when their favorite winery releases a new bottle, while others know the thrill of discovering a hot new wine gadget. Obviously, we’re here for both and love a wine-related-release in every form. That said, we’ve got a special place in our hearts for summer wine tech and anything that can keep our favorite vino cold under that hot, hot sun.

Those who know know, and those who don’t may want to do a little research beyond finding a Champagne bucket — although we’ve got plenty of tips for choosing that too. Especially because with the rise in crushable summer reds and so many beautiful white, sparkling, and rosé wines left to explore wine is earning more and more space at the barbecue. Today’s backyard hang should always feature your favorite bottles, and there’s no reason to limit yourself to the hard seltzer of the times.

Instead, push your friends to pour a zippy Chenin Blanc in place of that pineapple White Claw or clear some room for a mineral-driven Riesling. Best of all, if you’re still not sure how to break the “I actually prefer drinking wine over Truly” news to your friends, we’ve got one gadget that may change their minds.

The best wine glass for cold wine

This summer, we’re pouring every bottle in these Frosty Wine Glasses. The double-walled, clear glass design can be popped into the freezer ahead of time so you can pour your chilled wine directly into a frozen glass! Each glass comfortably holds up to 16 ounces, and will chill any beverage — but we really love it for all our summer wine.

Lined with a built-in cooling gel, these glasses will keep your liquid cold without freezing your hands, and showcase a stellar design whether frozen or not! So scoop a glass up today and get ready to celebrate the season!