Every Champagne Lover Needs A Champagne Cooler

While we firmly believe that Champagne shouldn’t just be saved for special occasions, we also believe that Champagne is special. It pairs beautifully with just about everything, offers a range of styles and flavor profiles, and makes even the dullest of weeknights feel celebratory. Whether you’re enjoying a home-cooked roast chicken, delivery chicken fingers, or just a night in with Netflix, sparkling wine is the perfect accompaniment.

So, while you could chill your Champagne with an ice bucket, we’d like to offer a better solution.

The Stainless Steel Champagne Cooler chills—and keeps chilled—your bottles of bubbly without the mess of ice buckets. Inside the sleek, stainless steel shell is a reusable, removable cooling element that works with a proprietary gel blend to keep the temperature nice and frosty. Just pop the cooling element into the freezer when you think of it, and it will be ready for those spur-of-the-moment Champagne evenings.

Best Champagne Cooler

When you need a cool bottle, pop out the cooling element and put your Champagne bottle inside. The flexible gel will snugly fit around the bottle, quickly chilling it down and keeping it chilled for as long as you’re enjoying. The sleek stainless steel case will keep it insulated (as well as looking very chic on your table or counter), allowing your bottle to maintain its frosty temperature for hours.

You deserve the best, and the best (in our occasionally-humble opinion) is cold Champagne. Save ice for your cocktails, and keep the Stainless Steel Champagne Cooler to ensure your Champagne is always cold when you need it.