Everything You Need To Create A New Home Bar Right Now

For some, the phrase “New year, new me” is inspiring. If that’s you, great! For us, “New year, new drinks” is a better fit. We’re redoing our home bars in 2021, in the hopes of drinking even better than we did in 2020 (and honestly, we drank pretty well in 2020) and of posting even more cocktail inspo to Instagram. Here is what we have our eyes on to give our home bars a glow-up in the new year.

Essential Cocktail Set

Best Cocktail Tool Kit

If you want to drink professional-grade cocktails at home, your home bar will need professional-grade tools. Meet the Essential Cocktail Set, designed by Cocktail Kingdom for top bars across the country.

What does this mean? Oh, just that you can stir, shake, strain, and mix up truly any drink you have your heart set on in durable, beautiful gear that will make your mixology experience seamless. As one reviewer explains, “These are all high-quality items packaged together for a great price, I’m glad I jumped on this!”

Buswell Collins Glass

These Collins glasses are perfect for a highball or any other spirits + soda situation. Any proper bar needs a Collins glass, honestly, and these were designed by the folks at Cocktail Kingdom for professional bars. Why not get them for your very own bar? This set of six is durable, has a comfortable capacity of 12 oz., and is dishwasher safe.

Crystal Whiskey Tumblers

Name a cocktail glass more iconic than the rocks glass. We’ll wait.

These in particular are really something special. They’re made with gorgeous, lead-free crystal and are (most importantly) dishwasher safe. They hold 9 oz comfortably and feel like you’re grabbing a lunchtime cocktail with Don Draper. In other words, they’re the perfect rocks glass!

Faceted Crystal Gin & Tonic Glasses

The Gin & Tonic is no mere well drink, friends. When it’s made with panache (and high-quality ingredients), it becomes a cheerful, elegant ode to freshness and aromatics. If you’ve been outside the US, especially to somewhere like Spain, you likely already know this. Bring that joyful, refined vibe to your home bar with these Lead-Free Crystal Gin & Tonic Glasses, designed to enhance the aromatics of your next G&T while holding a hefty portion of ice for maximum refreshment. Your cocktail game won’t know what hit it!