Get 25% off These Universal Wine Glasses Today Only

We’re not going to say that people who have stemware for every kind of wine are wrong, exactly, maybe just a little. . . . overzealous.

It certainly feels fancy to pull out a different kind of glass every time you open a new bottle of wine, but frankly, it’s overkill. And, a lot of extra dishes to do. If you buy the right stemware to begin with, it can work perfectly for whatever you’re drinking, whether it’s red, white, bubbly, or rosé.

That’s why we love the Spiegelau Universal Crystal Wine Glass set. Today, you can get a set for 25% off with the code CATCHALL, and honestly, you shouldn’t hesitate to grab a set since they are always out of stock during the holiday season.

Best Universal Wine Glasses

What makes these glasses so special? This gorgeous, versatile set was crafted in Germany using lead-free crystal, with brilliant clarity and durability. While extremely elegant, they’re certified dishwasher safe and will make your wine-drinking life an absolute breeze. They are so versatile, you can jump from Prosecco to Chardonnay to Cabernet Sauvignon with ease. Just listen to some of these glowing reviews.

“Wonderful! They are light and beautiful! I might purchase some more.”

“Recently purchased Spiegelau Universal Crystal Wine Glass (Set of 4) and am extremely satisfied. Was looking for a good glass that would work for any type of wine. I now own 12!”

“They are really nice glasses. Perfect weight and feel.”

“These glasses are the perfect universal wine glass. They are so stylish and reasonably durable. These feel like expensive glasses but you get them for such a great price! I loved my first set so much after a couple of weeks I had to buy a second.”

Okay, so remember that part when we said you should buy a set?

We were wrong. Buy two.