Get 25% off These Chilled Martini Glasses Today Only

If there’s one drink that’s as stylish as it is delicious, it’s the Martini. Whether you prefer yours with vodka or gin, shaken or stirred, dirty or with a twist, this drink is classic and versatile and always exactly what we need.

When you’re enjoying such a simple drink, you really need to make sure each element is done well. Otherwise, it’s just not the same. And, one way to really mess up a Martini is to serve it lukewarm or for it to go lukewarm halfway through enjoying it!

That’s why we’re obsessed with the Cooler Than Cool Martini Glasses, which today are 25% off with the code WITHATWIST.

Best Cold Martini Glass

We always have these in their spot in the freezer for when the Martini mood strikes. After just two hours in there, though, they’re ready to go. The proprietary gel inside the BPA-free plastic keeps whatever’s inside your glass properly frosty for as long as you’re enjoying it. A silicone band around the outside makes for comfortable holding but also keeps your drink even more insulated from the temperature of the room and the heat of your hands.

And, we kind of love that these are plastic because it allows us to take our Martini to go—perfect for campfire Martinis, backyard Martinis, hot tub Martinis, bath Martinis, or any other kind of Martini you can imagine. Just give them a quick hand wash when you’re done with them and pop them into the freezer for next time. After a lot of testing (well, drinking), we’ve tried out plenty of other glasses that claim to do the same thing and these are by far the best.

You owe your future self some properly chilled martinis. Grab a few Cooler Than Cool Martini Glasses to make sure that happens.