Why You Should Never Use Ice In Your Drink Again

We love a cold bourbon, Scotch, mezcal, or Martini as much as anyone. But, we’ve learned that we really don’t enjoy a lot of ice in our drinks. It’s nice for chilling, sure, but it provides uneven dilution. And, if you’re savoring slowly, it can leave your drink a watery bummer before you’ve had the chance to finish it. Luckily, there are better ways to chill your drink — here are some of our favorites.

Soapstone Whiskey Spheres

Beautiful spirits deserve beautiful accessories. The Soapstone Whiskey Spheres, after a few hours in the freezer, keep your dram perfectly chilled while being beautiful to boot. Each is approximately 2 1/4 inches in diameter and has the same profile as those perfectly round cubes of ice. Think of it as a chic and practical upgrade to even the fanciest bit of ice. You can still add some water if you enjoy a bit of dilution, of course, but you’re 100% in control of that dilution. Magic!

Skull Whisky Stones

Or maybe you need stones that are as metal as you are. Meet the Skull Whisky Stones. They’re bold and cool, just like you, and will keep your drink at a crisp temperature after only four hours in the freezer. Rock on!

Drink Rocks Geometric Shapes

Best Whiskey Chill Rocks

These marble and soapstone mini geometric sculptures double as the most distinctive whiskey stones we’ve ever seen. Each is eye-catching and fits easily into a standard Old Fashioned/rocks glass. Plus, they look gorgeous on your bar when they’re not in your drink or in the freezer preparing to keep your drink extra chilly.

Stainless Steel Whiskey Cubes

Or, if you like the look of ice cubes but just don’t like the dilution, go for the Stainless Steel Whiskey Cubes. Crafted in a classic ice cube shape, they’ll keep your drink colder than their water-based brethren and for longer, but with no dilution. Wins all-round!