This Is The Best Frozen Margarita Glass

Let’s be real, Margarita time is the best time. Whether it was made with small-batch tequila and fresh lime juice or sour mix and whichever tequila was cheapest at the grocery store, there’s no better shortcut to an amazing evening than a cold Margarita.

Sometimes, the evening calls for throwing them back, and sometimes, it calls for sipping. Should you choose to sip, you probably already know that it’s all too easy for a Margarita to become diluted or off-puttingly warm throughout the evening. We think you deserve better, Margarita-wise.

Best Frozen Margarita Glass

Enter the Cooler than Cool Glacier Margarita Glass. Pop one in your freezer for the next time it’s Margarita time. The proprietary gel, when frozen, will keep 12 ounces of your cocktail at the perfect temperature for however long you’re enjoying it. Maybe it’s a Margarita, maybe it’s a Daiquiri, maybe it’s just something you threw together using what was on your bar. Whatever it is, it will stay perfectly frosty all day or all night. The silicone band at the bottom helps insulate your beverage, but also makes gripping it comfortable and not slippery.

Margarita time just became foolproof.

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