The Veneto region in northeast Italy is best known for the red Valpolicella and the white Soave — Italian appellations that are among the most familiar to American wine enthusiasts.

One of the oldest and most prominent producers in Veneto is Serego Alighieri, and while the estate concentrates on Valpolicella and other reds, the winery also produces some unusual white wines.

Alighieri’s 2019 “Possessioni,” a blend of Garganega — the main variety in Soave — and Sauvignon Blanc, is one of them. It’s a first-rate bottle for everyday drinking and more.

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This is a bottle of Serego Alighieri ‘Possessioni’ Bianco 2019, Veneto, Italy

The blend is atypical; in wines labeled Soave, Garganega is blended with Verdicchio. But Sauvignon Blanc works surprisingly well here, producing a medium-bodied wine that’s crisply fruity, refreshing, and can be enjoyed quite cold in these peak days of summer.

The tastes evoke green apple and lots of citrus, especially lemon and orange, with floral and herbal notes and touches of honey and almond rounding things out. The wine is made without oak and alcohol is a moderate 12.5 percent.

This is not a complicated wine, but it’s simply delicious. It’s delightful on its own and would pair well with all kinds of lighter foods, including shellfish and vegetable dishes.

Located in the Valpolicella district of Veneto, the Serego Alighieri estate dates to the 1300s when, according to its website, it was purchased by Pietro Alighieri. Fun fact: Pietro was the son of Dante Alighieri — yes, that Dante, the famous poet known for such literary greats as “Inferno” and “Divine Comedy.”

Since 1973, the winery has been owned by the Masi Group, which owns several other properties in Veneto, Tuscany, and Argentina.

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