Tio Pepe Fino Sherry Review

In certain circles, sherry is having a comeback. But even though it’s becoming a hot ingredient in cocktails and for sipping, many still don’t know the pleasures of this awesome wine. While many people who think of sherry often think of the sweet variety that’s consumed at the end of the meal, it’s the dry variety, meant to be consumed at the start of the meal, that we find ourselves grabbing for every time.

Dry sherry is an ideal pairing with anything you might be serving as an appetizer, from cheeses and meats to crudité or tapas, and it’s killer with that seafood platter you’re planning to put out at the holiday party. And the other great thing about dry sherry is that the good stuff is generally pretty affordable and great for whetting your appetite.

Tio Pepe is the perfect example of a dry sherry that’s accessible and delicious. It should be served cold and treated the same way you’d treat a wine: Pop and pour and finish the bottle within a few hours of opening it.

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The perfect entry into the world of sherry, in the glass you’ll get aromas of almond and bread and on the palate the wine is bone-dry with a crisp complexity that begs for you to grab that hors d’oeuvre off the tray and keep eating.

It’s the perfect wine to serve to kick off a night of eating and drinking.

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