Landmark Pinot Noir

This is a Pinot Noir that’s a solid value for the money. A blend from 3 vineyards, the Overlook Pinot from Landmark Vineyards is comprised of grapes from Sonoma – which make up the majority – along with grapes from Monterey County and San Benito. What you wind up with is a fuller, richer Pinot than you’d expect than one that hails from Oregon or Burgundy. These are the Pinots you can often associate with that cola flavor, and that is definitely present here.

In the glass the wine pours a richer red than you’d expect, especially if you’re used to lighter, brighter Pinots – at the edges of the glass it actually has an amber hue that almost resembles Coca-Cola. The aroma is of strawberries and blackberries, along with cherries and an undertone of damp earth.

Upon taking a sip, you’ll encounter a soft wine with a nice amount of acidity to balance out the cherry fruit and milk chocolate flavors. It would be a great wine to enjoy on a romantic evening. But be careful, this wine has a higher amount of alcohol than you’d normally expect for a Pinot at 14.4%. And no one wants to fall asleep while out on a date.

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