Falesco Montiano

When it comes to the wines of Italy, Merlot isn’t the first variety that comes to mind. Or even the second or third. Sure, if we were in France or even California, we’d assume we were in a region that’s recognized for great Merlot, but the fact that high-quality Merlot exists in Italy may come as a bit of a surprise. Especially when you learn that the wine is made just southeast of Rome in a region that’s better known for whites than reds. And yet, Falesco Montiano exists.

Here in Lazio sits Falesco, a winery that has been producing great Merlot for decades. Not only does Falesco prove great Merlot can be made in Italy, it proves Merlot can be great in the first place!

In the glass this wine delivers aromas of rich dark berries, vanilla, tobacco and spice. On the palate, the wine is luscious and decadent, but not heavy, thanks to the balanced acidity. There are tannins present, but they aren’t aggressive, so they don’t overly dry out your mouth. Instead, they’re silky smooth.

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Give this wine to anyone who says they don’t like Merlot and we guarantee it will change their opinion. At $50 a bottle, this is the perfect wine to share with someone special, or to cellar for yourself.

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Falesco Montiano 2012 was provided to VinePair as a sample.