Review: Cusamano Alta Mora Etna Bianco 2014

Though you may not immediately think it works, given most people’s proclivity for red sauce on their pies, white wine and pizza can be a delicious combination. If the wine is right and the pizza isn’t overwhelmed with savory, strong-flavored toppings, white wine is an excellent accompaniment.

A white we found to be excellent both on its own, and with a variety of pizzas, from white pizza to margarita and even a pie topped with smokey prosciutto, is the Cusamano Alta Mora Etna Bianco 2014. Made with grapes grown in the rich volcanic soil of Mt. Etna on the island of Sicily, this is a wine full of flavor that’s balanced by acidity. It’s the perfect partner for pizza.

In the glass the wine pours a brilliant bright yellow with aromas of peach, apricot, wild flowers and lemon. There’s a nice mineral note on the palate along with green apple and loads of citrus. The balanced acidity is memorable and will leave you wanting to take another sip the second after swallowing your first. Combine this with pizza, and it’s the perfect match.

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