Castello Banfi Belnero

We’ll admit to being on a Super Tuscan kick as of late, especially when it comes to identifying affordable bottles of this prized category that still exhibit a wow factor. And Castello Banfi’s Belnero is one such bottle that truly delivers.

Unlike other Super Tuscans that have more in common with their Bordeaux cousins – preferring French varietals such as Cabernet and Merlot – Belnero is majority Cabernet, making this wine more similar to a great Brunello than a prized Bordeaux. And it makes sense, since the vineyards for this wine’s Sangiovese are located in Montalcino, where Brunello di Montalcino comes from.

In the glass the wine smells deliciously of bright red cherries, combined with aromas of coffee, as well as cedar and blackberries that immediately transport you to Tuscany. When consumed, the wine has the perfect balance of acidity to tannins, with neither being more aggressive than the other. You’ll also detect luscious flavors of vanilla and bright red fruit, with a solid amount of structure and power, making it ideal for meats and hard, flavorful cheeses.

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This is a stunning wine, the perfect bottle to bring to a dinner party. You could age Belnero if you wanted, but we think the wine is delicious right now, so why wait?

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