Anaba 2012 Turbine Red

Rhone style blends are one of the most accessible and crowd pleasing styles of red wine. Usually comprising a mix of Grenache, Syrah and Mouvedre – also known affectionately as a GSM blend – the blend has taken off not just in France, but in regions around the world, including the US.

This week we were looking for a crowd-pleasing red that would work both with the flavors of summer as well as the incoming flavors of fall and the Anaba Turbine Red fit the bill. The Anaba Winery sits in the Sonoma Valley of California, and is powered entirely by wind turbines – it’s actually the first in California to be powered this way – making for a cool fact to go along with the wine in the glass. But enough about where the wine is made, let’s talk about the wine itself.

When we opened the bottle we were immediately greeted by aromas of black cherries, smoke and a little bit of vanilla and wood from the oak aging. Being a California wine, it was incredibly ripe and luscious, exuding plummy red flavors craved by people who want a rich, smooth red wine.

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These rich flavors were lasting as well, staying on the palate for several seconds after the wine had already been swallowed. However, the richness did not weigh down the wine thanks to a good dose of acidity. Even with the lush flavors the wine had a nice brightness to it that would make it wonderful for food.

Speaking of food, this wine was just begging for a lamb burger slathered with tzatziki and feta. The gaminess of the lamb combined with the fresh flavors of the tzatziki would pair wonderfully with the wine, though you could also just stick to the wine on its own.

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Anaba Turbine Red was provided to VinePair as a sample.