It has been insanely hot this week. We’re talking so hot that you start dripping the minute you step outside. And it’s always during these types of heat waves that the air conditioning also seems to stop working. No matter where you go there seems to be no escape. This is definitely not red wine weather. Only a cold white will do. Which is why we turned to the Alpha Zeta Soave.

The incredible thing about wine is that every bottle can serve its own purpose and need. Not every bottle is meant for dinner with the boss, and that dinner for the boss bottle isn’t always meant for the backyard BBQ. Alpha Zeta Soave is a perfect example of this. It’s a simple wine that has one purpose, to be deliciously refreshing, and it serves that purpose insanely well.

We chilled the wine down and cracked it open late in the afternoon when the office was beginning to reach boiling temperatures. As soon as it hit the glass there were aromas of lemon with a nice smell of wet rocks in the background. It was zippy and fresh, and we thought just as good as any summertime lemonade. We’d much prefer it was being sold on our neighborhood block than the sugar water most stands sell, but we realize that would be asking parents to allow their children to commit a felony…but at least the neighborhood would be happy!

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The wine was insanely refreshing, and with an alcohol level of only 12.5% it was easy to see how we could drink a few glasses before feeling too buzzed. It was also cheap. We purchased the bottle for only $8 bucks, which means you could easily fill a cooler with these bottles and be set for a full day in the park with your 100 closest friends. Sign us up.

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