It’s our most ambitious “techniques” episode to date: Clarification. It involves chemicals, special (and fairly pricey) equipment, and a rather large investment in both time and effort. But fear not, because not only do we have the perfect guest to explain the laborious technique and hold our hands throughout the process, but he’s also devised a home bartender solution, perfect for even the most novice mixologists. The expert, of course, is our go-to source for all things techniques: Mr. Jack Schramm.

Schramm worked at some of NYC’s top cocktail bars before co-founding Solid Wiggles, a Brooklyn-based artisanal jello shot and boozy cake company. Today, he joins Tim to discuss the nitty gritty of clarification, particularly that of citrus. Not only does this process extend the life of the acidic fruit juices, but it provides a new avenue to explore familiar flavors. Schramm himself claims that a clarified citrus cordial could be one of the single most useful ingredients behind the bar, and he’s here to assure us that the juice is indeed worth the squeeze.

On this episode of the “Cocktail College” podcast, host Tim McKirdy and Jack Schramm chat about the techniques behind perfectly clarifying a cocktail, building the ultimate bar playlist, and a heartfelt love letter to… water? Tune in for more.

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