Hospitality — it’s not just the name of the game but the name of the industry we love (and occasionally love to loathe). But what is hospitality truly about, beyond knowing how to properly interact with guests?

The root words: host, hospital, and hospice all trace back to the same idea — treating strangers like your friends and loved ones, while not resorting to being servile. There are codes of conduct for the host, the employees, and the guests. Sure enough, the respect they all have for one another goes in both directions, and they have to synthesize in order to manifest a truly hospitable experience. If you keep hospitality between you and your staff while treating the staff and your guests as a core conduit, it can be a guidepost for more sustainable business models — everything from the price points lining up, staff being able to make livable wages, and guests feeling welcome.

On this episode of the “Cocktail College” podcast, host Tim McKirdy is joined by Kansas City-based entrepreneur, bar owner, returning guest, and VinePair 50 honoree, Jill Cockson. The two explore the unexpected yet massively important aspects of hospitality — topics that don’t just influence service but work to shape the very nature of the industry’s future. The two discuss hospitality as a vocation versus a profession and analyze the differences between service and hospitality. Plus, they’ll debunk classic sayings like “The answer is yes, now what is the question,” and “The guest is always right.” It’s everything you need to know about hospitality, and it’s all right here on the “Cocktail College” podcast. Tune in for more.

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