The world’s largest wheel of cheese was reported to be a mind blowing 20,462 pounds. Only, you won’t find it in the Guinness World Records like you will with the largest cheese sculpture (1,524 pounds), largest cheese slice (298 pounds), or the largest cheese platter (3,375 pounds). Unfortunately, the mix of 27 different varieties of cheddar expired when someone accidentally unplugged the refrigerated kiosk in the 1990s, according to Roadside America.

The once famed cheese sat at the Heini’s Cheese Chalet near Berlin, Ohio. An old postcard of the cheese wheel shows a giant rectangle refrigeration unit with wooden panels. Windows let people look in, and a sign on the side reads, “World’s Largest Wheel of Cheese Known” and puts the weight at 10 tons.

Unlike the giant cheese, Heini’s survives to this day. If you get a chance to visit, you can sample the (normal sized) cheeses the company makes and stand in aw of a giant mural that traces the rise of civilization through cheese. At the ending of the mural is, what else, the world’s largest wheel of cheese.

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