Bruce Masters has a hell of a habit and a taste for travel. Masters holds the world record for the must pubs and drinking establishments ever visited: 46,495 to be exact, between the years of 1960 and 2014 (the record period ends on January 29, 2014). To put that number in perspective, there were only 52,750 pubs in the United Kingdom (where Masters lives) in 2016.

That’s a lot of bars over time. Enough pubs to visit one put a day for 128 years. The man must have biceps made of steel from all that pint lifting. The money aspect alone is overwhelming. Even if Masters only purchased one pint at an average price of $4 (a nearly impossible price in some bars, but things were cheaper back in the day), he would still have paid nearly $186,000.

Forget “The World’s End,” Masters has completed the ultimate pub crawl. Of course, there’s still room for exploration here. But Masters definitely can’t settle on a local bar if he plans on keeping that record up.

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