Flying is a modern miracle. But as amazing as it is that human beings can travel through the air in giant, cylindrical metal containers, exactly how many humans are doing it at the same time is staggering.

At any moment in time, there are around 61,000 people in the airspace above the United States, according to aircraft acquisition company Duncan Aviation. That’s like the entire population of the capital of Wyoming being in the air above the United States right this second.

Where are all the people going? Most people are going through Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport, the busiest airport in the country. The next four busiest are the Los Angeles airport, Chicago O’Hare airport, Dallas/Fort Worth airport, and the John F. Kennedy airport. As for the people flying over the country for vacation, well, most of them are heading to Mexico.

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Regardless of where everyone is going, 61,000 people is a lot of bodies in the air.