Los Angeles International Airport Drinking Guide
Photo via ssray / Shutterstock.com

The Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX, is one of the busiest airports in the country. It makes sense; who doesn’t want to see California? But crowds mean delays, and delays mean you’re going to need a place to sit down and have a couple drinks. The terminals are all connected (here’s the best route to get from terminal to terminal), yet sometimes hanging out in the immediate area is best. Here are the best places to drink in each terminal of LAX.

Terminal 1

Gordon Biersch Brewery: Bar food and beer, with a full wet bar to boot.

Rock & Brews: The food may all have cheesy rock ‘n’ roll names, but the craft beer and liquor bar may be just what you need.

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Terminal 2

SeaLegs Wine Bar: Long wine list, craft beer, and small plates make this the perfect place to kill a few hours from a delayed flight.

Slapfish Modern Seafood Shack: All-day seafood, four beer taps, and a full liquor bar.

Terminal 3

Angel City Brewery: Beer bar put up by Angel City Brewery in downtown Los Angeles.

Gladstone’s 4 Fish: There are drinks and good fish. It’s a bit fancier fare than your average airport restaurant or bar, but it’s perfect if you’re into that and have the time.

Terminal 4

Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza: No, this isn’t your typical place to grab a drink and go, but Terminal 4 is a drinking desert. Take refuge where you can.

Terminal 5

Rock & Brews: The food may all have cheesy rock ‘n’ roll names, but the craft beer and liquor bar may be just what you need.

Ford’s Filling Station: More of a food place than a place for drinks, but there are drinks here.

Terminal 6

The Wine Bar by Wolfgang Puck: One of three Wolfgang Puck concepts in the area, but this is probably the one you want to go to for a good flight — of wine. Or a nice cocktail.

Blu2o: A glisteningly white and blue ocean-themed bar and restaurant that is super-modern looking. Go ahead, get distracted by the hanging silver orbs while you down a drink or four at the horseshoe-shaped bar.

Terminal 7

Rolling Stone Bar & Grill: Drink away any reservations about Sean Penn being a writer at Rolling Stone magazine’s LAX bar.

B Grill by Boa Steakhouse: Modern all-American food and a much needed full bar.

Terminal 8

Corona Bar: Find your beach one last time before heading out of California at the Corona Bar.

Tom Bradley International Terminal

Petrossian Caviar & Champagne Bar: If you missed out on Hollywood class and extravagance, you can pick some up here before you leave the country. There are also more than 20 vodkas to go along with the namesake Champagne and caviar.

Vino Volo: Your classic wine bar with a healthy wine list from California (including Napa), Spain, and Italy.

James’ Beach: Modeled after the original at Venice Beach, this joint has good food and well-made classic cocktails.

Drink.LA: Craft cocktails and everything you hope the name implies.

Scoreboard LA: Don’t think for a second that Scoreboard is just your average sports bar. There are some serious cocktails here (for a serious price, but hey, live a little).