Burgers may have originated in Europe (Hamburg, Germany, perhaps?), or in America by a Danish immigrant. Regardless of where it’s originally from though, today, burgers are a distinctly American obsession. Just look at how many of them we eat.

Americans eat around 50 billion burgers a year. That’s a lot of burgers. Imagine lining all of those burgers up side by side — McDonalds next to Burger King, next to the gourmet, organic grass-fed burger. It would be a long enough line to go around the world 32 times, according to MSN. That’s nearly 800,000 miles of burgers consumed by Americans every single year — a long enough line to go to the moon, come back, then go to the moon again.

Of course, burgers come in all shapes and sizes (the largest was 2,014 pounds), so it’s impossible to find the exact distance all the burgers would cover. And if the country only consumed sliders, these numbers would be thrown way off. But we all know that America’s most popular burger isn’t a slider.

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No matter how you stack it, America has a burger obsession.