6 Mezcals to Smoke Up Your Margaritas

In a time when our nation seems to be divided about nearly everything, there’s still one thing we can totally agree on: We all love margaritas. Margaritas are the perfect combination of salty, sweet, and fantastically fruity. But what about those times when you aren’t feelin’ the fruit? Swap out that tequila with Mexico’s smoky signature smoky spirit, mezcal. Mezcal margaritas add an enticingly smoky element to this classic cocktail, making it a perfect winter-to-spring transitional sipper. Swap out your tequila with one of these six mezcals for deliciously smoky Margaritas.

Del Maguey Vida Mezcal

Six Smoky Mezcals to Shake Up Your MargaritasThis entry-level, twice-distilled mezcal is absolutely perfect for mezcal newbies looking to experiment. Fruit-filled aromas with notes of sandalwood are extremely pleasing to an array of palates. Perfect for mixing into cocktails. Average Price: $38

Montelobos Mezcal Joven

Six Smoky Mezcals to Shake Up Your MargaritasThis organic mezcal integrates agave flavors and smokiness, all while respecting traditional mezcal-making methods. Passion for the Mexican community, as well as the final product itself, are the key visions of this smoky sipper. Average Price: $44

Sombra Mezcal

This 100 percent espadin from San Juan del Rio is roasted for two days in a stone pit, then crushed in a “tahona,” encouraging natural fermentation for eight days. Sombra is perfect for adding a rich, smoky texture to your favorite margarita recipe. Average Price: $38

Gracias a Dios Espadin Mezcal Joven

Six Smoky Mezcals to Shake Up Your MargaritasThis eight-year-grown espadin presents spicy, smoky flavors on the palate, with notes of ripe fruit and orange. Dry and delicious, this mezcal adds fruit-forward smokiness, perfect for margaritas. Average Price: $36

Mezcal Union Joven

Six Smoky Mezcals to Shake Up Your MargaritasThis smoky spirit comes from agave ranging from eight to 20 years old, produced by a union of local Oaxacan families. The mezcal is bottled directly off the still, maintaining the truest expression possible of the agave plant. Affordable and award-winning, quality is key in this bottle. Average Price: $38

Rey Campero Mezcal, Tepextate Mezcal 96 Proof

Six Smoky Mezcals to Shake Up Your MargaritasThis high-quality mezcal crafted from 100 percent wild agave provides delicious, textured flavors of citrus and smoke. The agave is roasted and crushed by a mule-pulled tahona, followed by open-air fermentation with wild yeast, then double distilled. Try in your margarita, but definitely save the majority of the bottle for on-the-rocks sipping — this bottle is straight special. Average Price: $110