We’re in our boxed wine era and it feels great. From the “goon bags” of Australia to “slap-the-bag” juice from college, this wine-drinking format has come a long way. We’ve been watching this category for some time now, and it only continues to grow and improve in quality. Today there’s a slew of producers, from big brands to boutique wineries, making a diverse set of boxed wines, all vying for your fridge space.

As the wine industry faces a growing concern over the environmental impact of heavy glass bottles, mindful producers are leaning into this sustainable packaging option. So not only is boxed wine incredibly fun and approachable, it also helps reduce wine’s carbon footprint. But what about the quality inside?

We tapped into all the boxes out there and came away with the cream of the crop. These wines are perfect for dinner parties, picnics, or for indulging in a quick weeknight pour. And the best part is they can stay delicious and fresh in your fridge for weeks. Here are the 15 best boxed wines for 2024, in alphabetical order.

Alileo Zibibbo Macerato

Alileo Zibibbo Macerato is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

Zibibbo is the Sicilian name for the Muscat of Alexandria grape, the second most popular Muscat variety in Italy. Often made into sweet wines on the volcanic island of Pantelleria off the southern coast of Sicily, this box is made in a dry style that’s just as aromatic while maintaining a lean mineral note. Check this: Bright musky pears and orange blossom on the nose and a joyful palate with refreshing acidity and an even finish. Sounds yummy, right? You may just want to sit sipping seaside with this one.

Average price: $40/ 3L
Rating: 92

Ami Ami Vin Rouge

Ami Ami Vin Rouge is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

This wine comes from the land of Limoux in the foothills of the Pyrenees. This region in southern France is mostly known for its bubbly wines, but with this kind of elevation, Syrah does very well. This is a punchy wine with ripe fruit and a dose of oak. It has great balance on the palate with some drying tannins on the edge. A great pairing for grilled anything.

Average price: $30 / 1.5L
Rating: 92

Bedrock Wine Co. ‘Ode to Lulu’ Rosé 2023

Bedrock Wine Co. 'Ode to Lulu' Rosé 2023 is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

This rosé is a nod to the rich and complex styles from Bandol in the south of France. True to the Bandol style, it’s a Mourvèdre-based blend with a sprinkle of Grenache and Syrah. But this wine is also distinctly Californian, sourced from centenarian vineyards in Contra Costa and Sonoma Counties. It has a fruity, herbaceous nose with notes of grapefruit and juicy stone fruit. The depth from the Mourvèdre really comes through on the creamy palate, but with a good dose of acidity. If it weren’t in a box, you would never guess it was a boxed wine.

Average price: $100 / 3L
Rating: 91

From the Tank Vin Rosé

From the Tank Vin Rosé is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

The energy in this box is giving… the whole weekend. Its versatility can span just about any activity from a gallery opening to a day at the beach. The nose is so peachy and floral with a bright, mineral-driven palate. It’s a good thing this comes in a three-liter box because guests are going to line up for another glass of this crowd-pleaser. À bientôt!

Average price: $32/ 3L
Rating: 92

From the Tank Rouge

From the Tank Rouge is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

Imagine you’re in the French countryside sipping a slightly chilled red and nibbling on the best of what the locals can make. Now imagine this vibe in your home. That’s what this very delicious southern French red blend will give… for days. It has ripe, earthy berry aromas and a balanced, soft palate. There’s a touch of tannin and awesome acidity. Get thee to a cheese shop.

Average price: $32/ 3L
Rating: 92

Herisson Rouge 2022

Herisson Rouge 2022 is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

In Burgundy’s Cote d’Or, they do Pinot Noir. In Beaujolais, they do Gamay. In the Maconnais in southern Burgundy, they do Chardonnay. But they also sometimes do Pinot and Gamay together, and this is called Bourgogne Passetoutgrain. And that’s what this box is, a fun and fruity Pinot Noir and Gamay blend. It has some funky earthiness on the nose with a juicy palate and good balance. This would fit in seamlessly with burger night.

Average price: $40/ 3L
Rating: 89

House Wine Cabernet Sauvignon

House Wine Cabernet Sauvignon is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

Steak night doesn’t need to be pricey. A good Cab doesn’t need to be expensive, either. And this boxed Cabernet Sauvignon from House Wine hits all the right spots. It’s peppery and juicy with a nice even palate, some deep fruit, and mild tannins. This is the wine for your casual steak night.

Average price: $23 / 3L
Rating: 92

Juliet Orange 2022

Juliet Orange 2022 is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

Juliet shows an unfamiliar side of Marsanne, a French grape native to the Rhône Valley, in this orange wine from California’s Central Coast. The nose is subtle with hints of orange zest and cream. But the palate is where this wine shines with great texture, a little bit of a grip, and an even finish. Think food with this wine. Like any food from salad to fish or to burgers. Or just sip and convo. It’s that versatile.

Average price: $35/ 1.5L
Rating: 90

Nomadica Red

Nomadica Red is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

This wine is made from the medium-bodied and somewhat spicy Teroldego grape. Native to northern Italy, this variety is rarely seen outside its home region, but this boxed wine from California fully embraces its vibe. When you tap the box and take your first sip, you’ll feel the need to toss the stemware to the side and grab a juice glass like the old-guard Italiani used to do. (Maybe rock a tank undershirt with a bay leaf behind your ear — or was that just my family?) It’s incredibly juicy with ripe, brambly berry notes and some more savory characteristics like earth and spice. It has a soft, plushy palate with acidity that screams “pizza per favore!”

Average price: $50/ 3L
Rating: 91

Nomadica White

Nomadica White is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

What if you had a party and upon entry, some cups were stacked up next to a box of wine with a sign saying “self-serve welcome drinks”? You would want a crisp white that will excite the senses without being too fussy. This blend of Chardonnay and Colombard is just that. It has tropical fruit aromas with a floral hint and a vibrant palate with soft fruit and a lot of acidity. Welcome!

Average price: $50/ 3L
Rating: 89

Really Good Boxed Wine Sauvignon Blanc 2022

Really Good Boxed Wine Sauvignon Blanc 2022 is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

Sauvignon Blanc loves an afternoon with friends. Whether it’s with food or just laughter and good conversation, Savvy B just wants to hang. Especially when it’s offered in a big ol’ three-liter box of goodness. The nose has tropical vibes with a lively floral hint. The palate has the variety’s signature green pepper notes and a great minerality. The height of refreshment.

Average price: $70/ 3L
Rating: 90

Salcheto ‘The Fiasco’ 2019

Salcheto ‘The Fiasco’ 2019 is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

Look, we enjoy this wine, no need to call it a fiasco. JK, it’s a reference to the old-school basketed Chianti bottles of yore. They were called fiaschi (plural) or fiasco (singular) and were ubiquitous until the ‘80s. These wines connoted casualness and mobility (the basket protected the glass during transport). Today, boxed wines are essentially our fiaschi, and the people at the Salcheto winery know this. True to its Chianti roots, this wine is made from the Sangiovese grape. The nose has some pops of cherry and cranberry, and the palate has subtle tannins and a juicy fruit core. It’s good for Nonna’s sauce but also a daytime chill with some salumi and formaggio.

Average price: $70/ 3L
Rating: 88

Sandy Giovese Wines Bianca Giovese

Sandy Giovese Wines Bianca Giovese is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

It’s a big weekend at the beach and you’re grilling up a lot of seafood for the fam. You’ll need a solid, balanced, crowd-pleasing wine to match. Sandy has your back with this mineral-driven, refreshing white made with the Italian grapes Grecchetto and Trebbiano with some added Sauvignon Blanc. It has medium fruit, a good texture, and enough depth to hold up to all the things from the sea. This new wine from the Sandy Giovese fam will hit the shelves this spring, just in time for your beach day shenanigans.

Average price: $35/ 3L
Rating: 90

Vina Borgia Garnacha 2021

Vina Borgia Garnacha 2021 is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

Public service announcement: If you’re looking to save big on a box but don’t know which one on the affordable side is good, look no further than this big ol’ balanced box filled with Garnacha from northeastern Spain. It has ripe red fruit notes with a dose of pepper that adds complexity. It’s a juicy red that will absolutely benefit from a slight chill in the fridge.

Average price: $20/ 3L
Rating: 89

Weingut Norbert Bauer Schplink! 2023

Weingut Norbert Bauer Schplink! 2023 is one of the best boxed wines for 2024.

It could be argued that wines made from Grüner Veltliner are some of the most sessionable on the planet. Some examples will age for years while others like this box contain some of the most delicious simplicity a single-variety white wine can offer. Peppery pears and quiet floral notes waft on the nose. There’s a refreshing balance between blousy fruit and vibrant acidity on the palate. This is bistro wine at its peak.   

Average price: $32/ 3L
Rating: 92


Why is boxed wine so cheap?

Generally, boxed wine is cheaper than wine in bottles due to the lower production costs involved with distributing in cardboard rather than glass. In 2022, the cost of glass bottles increased by approximately 20 percent, significantly increasing the costs of distribution, and therefore increasing the amount consumers are spending. On the other hand, boxed wine, which is packaged in plastic bags stored within the cardboard box, remained relatively insulated from the increase in prices, making the products notably cheaper than their glass bottle counterparts.

Is boxed wine poor quality?

It is a complete myth that boxed wine will be poor quality or lower quality than wine stored in glass bottles. While you may encounter some boxed wines that are produced with profits in mind — and are therefore lower quality — the same goes for some wines packaged in glass. Many boxed wines on the market right now are equally as high quality and delicious as glass bottle wines.

How many bottles are in one box of wine?

Boxed wine can come in a number of different sizes, but on average, a box of wine will contain the equivalent of four bottles of wine, or around 3,000 milliliters.

Why do Australians call boxed wine ‘goon’?

Down under, boxed wine is often referred to by its slang name: “goon.” The term originates from the word flagon, a large metal or pottery vessel once commonly used for storing and pouring wine. Aussies now use the phrase to describe boxed wine by referring to the box itself as the “goon box,” the bag inside as the “goon bag,” and the overall product as simply “goon.”

VinePair’s Tasting Methodology: How We Rate

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For Buy This Booze roundups, we typically include a maximum of one expression per brand, though we do often taste multiple expressions from a brand, and do sometimes allow multiple products from the same production facility (i.e., released under different labels).

For this list of the best boxed wines, our overall aim was to provide a complete overview of the growing category and to highlight options that are standouts in terms of taste, quality, and value. We feel confident that every box included in this final list delivers on flavor, balance, depth, and complexity for its respective price point.