8 Pinot Grigios for Haters of Pinot Grigio

Over the past couple of decades, Pinot Grigio has acquired a bad rep for itself. After realizing consumers’ recognition of the varietal, many producers jumped onto the PG bandwagon, making mass-produced, low-quality wines to sell at a bargain price. In short, Pinot Grigio became synonymous with crappy $10 magnums of white that your mother purchased once (or three times..) a week. However, Pinot Grigio can make some serious quality juice. In fact, PG thrives in regions all over the world, and, when done right, can produce intensely high-acid, refreshing wines.

Still skeptical? Grab one of these eight bottles to turn your Pinot Grigio hatred into a straight-up love affair.

Kaltern Caldaro Pinot Grigio 2016

8 Pinot Grigios For Haters of Pinot Grigio Kaltern Pinot GrigioSome of the greatest high-acid bottles of Pinot Grigio come from Alto Adige, this one included. Steep, sloping vineyards and chalky gravel soils create a medium-bodied wine, full of juicy yellow fruit. Four month of aging on the lees adds a layered complexity to the palate. Average price: $18

Montinore Estate Pinot Gris 2015

8 Pinot Grigios For Haters of Pinot Grigio Montinore Pinot GrigioYes, Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio are the same thing! This Oregon Pinot Gris is both certified organic and biodynamic. The wine is well balanced, with abundant citrus and stone fruit notes. Pair with spring salads for a mouthwatering lunch break! Average Price: $14

Ca di Rajo Pinot Grigio 2014

8 Pinot Grigios For Haters of Pinot Grigio Ca di Rajo Pinot GrigioThis Pinot Grigio finds its home in Rai di San Polo di Piave within the Veneto region of Italy. The fruit is hand-harvested in the beginning of September. Straw yellow in color, the wine presents aromas of tropical fruit and blossoms, carrying over to a citrusy, high-acid palate. Delicious with seafood. Average price: $13

Loveblock Pinot Gris 2014

8 Pinot Grigios For Haters of Pinot Grigio Loveblock Pinot GrigioThis certified organic Pinot Gris hailing from Marlborough, New Zealand undergoes cool fermentation until completely dry. Aromas of melon and tropical fruit carry over to the palate, coupled with high acidity. Soft and delicate, this wine is almost too easy to drink. Average price: $21

Scarbolo Ramato Pinot Grigio XL 2013

8 Pinot Grigios For Haters of Pinot Grigio Scarbolo Pinot Grigio RamatoThis single-vineyard, 100 percent Pinot Grigio is a delicious introductory example of  “orange” wine. Ramato (Italian for copper) wines get their color from skin contact; this particular example spends two weeks on the skins, extracting just the right amount of tannin. The final product is a copper-colored wine with honeyed fruit aromas, showing a balanced palate of ripe melon. This wine makes a gorgeous pairing with any form of charcuterie board! Average price: $23

Trimbach Pinot Gris Reserve 2013

8 Pinot Grigios For Haters of Pinot Grigio Trimbach Pinot GrigioWhen it comes to Pinot Gris, Alsace knows how to work it. Trimbach, one of the most renowned producers of the region, crafts their delicious, full-bodied bottle to complete dryness. The fruit-forward palate dotted with slight flinty notes makes it a great pairing for an array of white meats and seasoned dishes. Average price: $21

Charles Smith Vino Pinot Grigio 2014

8 Pinot Grigios For Haters of Pinot Grigio Charles Smith Pinot GrigioHailing from the Columbia Valley, this domestic PG is not to be missed. Aromas of citrus and honeysuckle carry over to the palate, leading to a long-lasting finish. Making this your new go-to nightly white is a decision you won’t regret. Average price: $13

Channing Daughters Winery Ramato 2013

8 Pinot Grigios For Haters of Pinot Grigio Channing Daughters Pinot GrigioAnother gorgeous example of “orange” wine, this domestic Ramato is all hand-harvested from two vineyards on the North Fork, fermented on the skins, and aged in used oak. Spiced honey and stone fruit aromas transition to a palate of spicy, cooked fruit. A perfect match for hard cheeses and root vegetable- based dishes. Average price: $26