It turns out that dreams really do come true. In Melbourne, Australia, for the entire month of August, there’s a fountain that’s flowing with wine.

Located in Federation Square, as part of the Winter Village pop-up, the fountain contains two PYO (pour your own) iron spouts, filled with wine from Yarra-Valley-based winery, St. Huberts The Stag, Time Out reports.

One spout contains Shiraz, while the other serves rosé. The price of using the tap is unclear at the time of writing, but entry into the Winter Village is free.

This isn’t the first time free booze has been introduced to a local attraction. In April 2018, a public vending machine in London dispensed free beer for a day, while in Abruzzo, Italy, the Fontana del Vino (wine fountain) flows with free, local red wine, all day, every day.

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