Free beer is really one of the best things in life, especially when it’s unexpected, safely packaged, and cold. Londoners have won the liquid lottery today: A vending machine in London’s North Greenwich neighborhood is giving away free beer.

Today and today only, a vending machine marked “” posted up in Peninsula Square is dispensing beer en gratis from a mystery brewer. It’s been placed there by a promoter and digital agency called Kerve, which has done technology-driven promotions for tech brands like Samsung, Spotify, and Amazon, and alcohol brands like Jameson, Jack Daniel’s, and Belvedere.

So who’s the brewer? We don’t know, but we do know Kerve has worked with Meantime Brewing on promotions like a VR tour of its brewery in Greenwich, so there’s a good chance it’s them. But who knows? You’ll have to taste and see.

Not in Greenwich? No problem: You can also visit the aforementioned website, redeem a free voucher, and cash it in for a brew at any of 200 participating pubs in London. Not in London? Well, then, like us, you’re shite out of luck.