With the popularity of hard seltzers rising like summer temperatures, a leader in the category will soon be releasing new, boozier flavors to help beat the heat.

White Claw’s Surge hard seltzers are currently offered in Blood Orange and Cranberry. The brand said in an email statement to VinePair that it is preparing to launch a variety pack of the popular RTDs that will add Blackberry and Lime flavors to the line.

As the best-selling hard seltzer brand that essentially defined the sector with triple-digit sales gains in 2019 and 2020, White Claw is aiming to solidify its standing by expanding into the higher-alcohol niche.

For those that enjoy a heavier pour, Surge flavors weigh in at 8 percent ABV — significantly higher than the industry norm and White Claw’s Hard Seltzer and Hard Tea products (5 percent). Each 16-ounce can will contain two grams of sugar and 220 calories.

Pricing, launch date, and availability are still being determined, but look for the cases to hit stores in the near future.