Wine of the month clubs have gained popularity in recent years because convenience and selection make it easy to experiment with a variety of different wines. But wine doesn’t have a monopoly on the concept. Whiskey lovers can get in on the mail-to-order booze as well — and for whiskey it can even come in Capri Sun-esque packages. Case in point: the London whiskey bar Black Rock’s Scotch of the month club called Whisky Me.

Whisky Me is similar to other whiskey sampling companies like Drinks by the Dram, except for two details. Instead of receiving a glass dram, Whisky Me sends its sample in a soft pouch, and the pouch is delivered right to your mailbox every month. Each pouch contains 5 centiliters of single malt Scotch, and offers a simple, helpful description of the whiskyy inside. Another cool feature is that Whisky Me provides aerial HD drone footage of the distilleries through its social media accounts.

Whisky Me’s tasting panel selects a new single malt Scotch every month to “best represent the glorious flavours and diversity of single malt whisky.” The samples will come from a variety of distilleries including Aberfeldy, Macallan, and Royal Lochnagar. Whisky Me is intended to be an inexpensive way for new single malt Scotch drinkers to experiment and learn more about Scotch. If you pay monthly, subscriptions sell for about $10, and annual subscriptions sell for about $110.

Unfortunately, Whisky Me is currently only available in the U.K., but our fingers are crossed for an American venture.