Flossie Dickey of Spokane, Washington turned 110 this past weekend, and she might just be the coolest woman on the planet.

A local news station headed out to the nursing home where Flossie lives in order to learn the secrets to Flossie’s long life, but she was having none of it. As you’ll see in the video, Flossie gives one-word answers to most of the reporter’s questions, and seems bored by the whole ordeal. When asked if she’s exited for the birthday party her family is throwing her she answers “not one bit.”

Throughout the entire interview, Flossie sips from a coffee mug – It seems to be the only thing she’s actually interested in. While most would assume it’s coffee that’s inside the mug, when the reporter finally turns her attention to the nursing home staff member – since Flossie refuses to answer any questions – the staff member reveals that Flossie’s favorite thing to do is sit down and drink whiskey straight-up. It’s how she gets through life. No wonder she’s so attached to that mug, there isn’t coffee in there, Flossie’s sipping on Whiskey!

Well played Flossie, well played.