Watch Justin Timberlake's new Sauza 901 commercial

Sauza 901, a new tequila founded by Justin Timberlake, claims to be so smooth it doesn’t need limes to balance out the burn. Lots of tequilas are actually good enough to happily sip, but that’s not the point. The point is that Justin Timberlake has dressed up as a humanoid lime in Sauza 901’s promotional video (and it’s absolutely adorable).

The gist of the video is that limes, once a tequila necessity, are now condiment washouts. Why bother sucking a lime post tequila shot if the tequila is smooth enough to sip straight without a citrus accompaniment? As a result, the humanoid limes are bitter (no pun intended). Check it out:

Again, plenty of tequilas are delicious enough to sip straight, but a lot of casual drinkers don’t know that. To many, tequila is the spirit you threw up in college. It’s appropriate that Timberlake (who’s massively appealing and appealing to the masses), would be the one to try and change the everyday drinker’s negative perception about tequila. Little known fact: Sauza didn’t pick Timberlake to rep Sauza 901, he founded the brand (named after his Memphis area code) and sold it to Sauza.

Did we mention Justin Timberlake is the best?