Want to Know the Secret to Living to 103? Drink Bourbon With Friends.

Texas resident George McDowell is a whopping 103 years old, and he’s happy to tell you how. All you need is some good friends, great conversation, and a little side of Bourbon to make it through the century. As the Houston Chronicle reports, McDowell compiled a small list of rules to live by about 30 years ago, when he was in his 70’s. Two of his favorite rules included hanging out with younger friends and enjoying a nightly cocktail; the two went together so well that they resulted in a weekly Friday night happy hour in his neighborhood.

The tradition began about ten years ago, when McDowell’s wife passed away at the ripe age of 90. He met with his neighbors weekly, savoring a cocktail and discussing the week’s events, and to his surprise, despite being the oldest one there, he found that everybody had a little craving for some boozy buddy time.

McDowell, a retired resident of Meyerland, Texas, is a former Air-Force member, real estate company owner, and professor of Property Management at the University of Houston. He currently lives by the list of rules he curated 30+ years ago. He also enjoys painting and going for walks, and of course, hanging out with his pals to knock back his weekly bourbon old fashioned.