Imagine arriving at the airport after a long, satisfying vacation, dropping your bags off at security, and lounging at the beach — drink in hand — until it’s time to board your flight. For Virgin Holiday members, that imaginary scene will soon be reality.

Virgin Holiday, Richard Branson’s tour company, is launching “Departure Beach” in Barbados in May 2018. No longer will vacationers need to wallow away in cramped, stuffy, dank airport lounges. With Departure Beach, every last minute of your vacation can be taken advantage of.

The first Departure Beach is currently being built on Brownes Beach in Carlisle Bay, Condé Nast Traveler writes. When it’s complete, passengers will be able to check in, get their boarding pass, drop off their bags, and hit the beach. Or, if sand in your toes before a flight isn’t your thing, there’s an indoor lounge with couches and a child play room. When it’s time for your flight, shuttles will take you straight to security.

It’ll cost $25 for adults and $15 for children. In addition to the beach access, here will also be complimentary non alcoholic beverages and a buffet lunch.

Virgin Holidays is making it easier than ever to find your beach. Now to make this standard fare at all airlines…