Marketing alcohol to children is unethical. But what about to adult children?

We hear a lot about Millennials’ adventurous, albeit absurd, buying habits. Firebox seems to have those proclivities on lock, with items like Unicorn Poo Bath Bombs, Thanks for Putting Up With my Sh*t pink chocolate, and Spreadable Gin.

But their latest product sparkles a little brighter, and much Millennial pink-er, than the rest: Unicorn Tears Pink Gin Liqueur.

Created by Firebox, the e-tailer describes the liqueur as “mythical spirit infused with the seductive tears of lovesick unicorns,” and “perfect for sharing with a partner.” After all, what is a Lady Unicorn without her Jake, or a Brony without his little pony?

(On second thought, maybe don’t tell the Bronies. Firebox also notes the “sexy pink,” sippable glitter “definitely possesses aphrodisiacal properties.” *Shudder.*)

What are we to think about this beverage’s place in society? Some say it’s “too pretty to drink,” but we’re not sure “pretty” is the right word. Toxic, maybe. Like drinking pink Water Wigglies (the plastic-encased, pretty self-explanatory goo toys from the ’90s.) Or maybe it’s simply, blissfully, “amoral.”

Unicorn Tears gin liqueur is also available full-sized, in a much more reasonable clear color. Thankfully, neither are available in the U.S. yet.