Brexit is imminent, with just two months remaining before the U.K. intends to officially separate from the E.U. But the two parties have yet to agree on official terms. Should they fail to do so, the U.K. could find itself in a “doomsday” scenario, with critical shortages of medical supplies, fresh fruit and vegetables, and even gin.

But the country’s drinkers needn’t be too concerned — not just yet, anyway. Luxury French conglomerate LVMH Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton has started preparing for a no-deal scenario.

According to Bloomberg, LVMH, whose beverage brands include Moët & Chandon Champagne and Hennessy Cognac, has recently added four months’ worth of wine and spirits inventory to its U.K. stockpiles.

“We are ready for the worst case scenario if there were difficulties with deliveries,” executives reportedly said during LVMH’s fourth-quarter earnings call.

What happens if a negotiations impasse lasts longer than that? Well, U.K. drinkers can always turn to locally-sourced, sustainable beer brewed from leftover corn flakes.