For Irish distilleries and breweries, American drinkers seem to be a big fan.

A recent report shows that a little over half — some 51 percent — of Irish spirit exports are traveling to consumers in the United States, according to Bord Bia, an Irish state agency that manages food and drink.

Those United States drink exports were valued at 619 million Euros in 2021, or roughly $630 million USD. Out of those sales, spirits take the cake — a valued 561 million Euros worth of Irish liquor was exported to the United States last year.

The much-loved Irish whiskey might be one of the leading reasons behind the heavy consumption of Ireland’s distilled spirits. Bushmills and Jameson are just two of the best-known brands in the United States. The second is the best-selling Irish whiskey worldwide, and sits at number three in the best-selling whiskey category worldwide overall.

In addition to spirit sales, Irish beer and cider also showed strength in exports to the United States. While the United Kingdom was the biggest consumer of Irish brew in 2021, the US came in second. Beer exports were valued at 49 million Euros, or roughly 50 million USD, while cider garnered a value of 8.4 million Euros, or 8.5 million USD.

Irish spirits – including the unexpected and rapidly growing Irish rum market – come with its own quirks and qualities that set the distilled spirits apart from the rest of the world. To find a new Irish spirit to taste on your own, our 20 Best Irish Whiskey Brands for 2022 roundup should do the trick.

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