With the days starting to blend together, there doesn’t feel like much of a need for a calendar. Or plans. Every day still ends in “y,” but other than that, not much exists to differentiate days of the week during the current pandemic. Luckily, Truly Hard Seltzer is on hand to bring some need back for the calendar.

Just in time for the summertime sipping, Truly is releasing a brand new “Summer Fridays” seltzer calendar. With one each of the seltzer brand’s 16 flavors, this sip-worthy calendar contains the perfect number of cans to enjoy each Summer Friday from the end of May through Labor Day.

The carbonated calendar is available exclusively through online retailer GiveThemBeer and retails for $39. According to the website, supplies are limited and orders will be delivered towards the end of May.

With a hard seltzer calendar like this, it’s never been so easy to add happy hour to your agenda.