With a heat wave sweeping across the U.S. this week, there’s no better time to indulge in refreshing, frozen boozy treats. The company behind Truly Hard Seltzer is now offering two such indulgent options: Truly-spiked sorbets and ice creams.

The products are part of a collaboration between Truly and NYC’s boozy ice cream spot, Tipsy Scoop. The spiked sorbet flavors include strawberry lemonade and mango lemonade. There are also two boozy ice cream flavors to choose from: lemonade and black cherry lemonade. All four are infused with Truly Lemonade Hard Seltzer, and clock in at 5 percent ABV — just like the seltzer.

Credit: Tipsy Scoop

Variety packs containing all four flavors are available on Tipsy Scoop’s website, and retail at $48. There’s also a $60 bundle including the ice cream, sorbet, and cans of Truly. For lucky New York residents, these offerings can be delivered or picked up from Tipsy Scoop’s Brooklyn “barlour” location. That location is also cranking out Truly ice cream and sorbet cocktails to-go.

At 5 percent ABV, there’s no danger of feeling anything more than a little buzzed while enjoying these boozy treats. Which is probably a good thing, because with a summer this hot, you’ll probably want to finish a pint for yourself.