Truly’s newest launch could be scary delicious, but only if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on it.

Truly Midnight is a limited-quantity hard seltzer available through Halloween, according to an Oct. 17 emailed press release. The spooky season seltzer comes in the flavor Blackberry Lemon and features a nearly-black hue.

“In the heart of Downtown L.A., the wizards behind Truly Midnight Hard Seltzer at Truly L.A.’s small-batch flavor innovation lab, Truly Flavor Lab, mix the latest potions and never-before-seen concoctions, resulting in drinks that offer a truly one-of-a-kind experience,” the brand states in the release.

Juice concentrate and natural dyes combine in this bubbly, “mysterious” beverage, which will sit at five percent ABV. The dark holographic can features the Truly logo with an oil-slick design.

Four-packs of Truly Midnight are available for pre-order to select states at the beer gift site for $23.59.

“This Halloween season, we’re bringing Truly Midnight to the party: A limited-edition Blackberry Lemon Hard Seltzer for a drink that’s as delicious as it is dark (seriously — pour some in a glass and see for yourself),” the product listing states. “Grab a four-pack, bring it to the neighborhood costume party, and become the Hallo-winner you were meant to be.”

In addition to online sales, the hard seltzer will be on draft at Truly L.A. and available at the location’s retail shop.

Sipping Truly Midnight while streaming Taylor Swift’s much-anticipated “Midnights” album next week? Sounds like a chillingly good Halloween plan.