Hard seltzer giant Truly launched a set of new Margarita-inspired seltzers last month, in flavors Classic Lime, Strawberry Hibiscus, Watermelon Cucumber, and Mango Chili.

The colorful cans boast 5.3 percent ABV and contain 110 calories per 12-ounce serving. The newest addition to Truly’s growing list of offerings is available nationwide now in variety packs of 12.

Truly says the Margarita-style seltzers are made with real ingredients found in the cocktail, including lime juice concentrate, agave nectar, and sea salt. So how do they stack up? VinePair put them to the taste test to find out.

Here are all of the Truly Margarita Style Hard Seltzers flavors, tasted and ranked:

truly margarita-style seltzers

4. Classic Lime

While the smell of this flavor evokes a classic Margarita — especially one that’s served in a salt rim glass — an artificial sweetness overwhelms the palate upon first sip. Despite some refreshing acidity, it unfortunately doesn’t taste like lime.

3. Watermelon Cucumber

What this flavor lacks in smell, reminiscent of artificial watermelon candy, it makes up for in subtlety on the palate. The watermelon flavor does a good job of masking the artificial sweetness and is fairly balanced overall. The cucumber, however, is nowhere to be found, neither in smell nor in taste.

2. Mango Chili

While chili comes through prominently in the smell of this drink, it barely comes through on the palate. It otherwise smells almost exactly like all mango flavored hard seltzers. Of the four flavors, this one tastes least like a Margarita, and has the most muted flavor profile overall. But it is surprisingly refreshing and crushable.

1. Strawberry Hibiscus

The smell of this seltzer is very strong and fruity, though it only vaguely recalls real strawberries. The hibiscus flavor is surprisingly discernible on the palate, and the strawberry arrives much less artificial. The palate is much more pleasing than the aromas — and let’s be honest, most drinkers are crushing these straight from the can.