It appears that High Noon can sway even the toughest of White Claw loyalists.

Online personality and comedian Trevor Wallace — known for his fratty Youtube and TikTok skits — is now repping a different seltzer brand. He went viral in 2019 for a “No Laws When You’re Drinking Claws” video, bringing the cheeky phrase to the mainstream.

High Noon and Wallace announced a new partnership on May 11, asking fans to trade in their “sad beverages” (meaning other malt-based seltzers) for free cans of High Noon Hard Seltzer. During the RSVP-only High Noon Trading Post pop-up in New York City on May 18, visitors can taste the new tequila-based seltzer in four fruit flavors.

High Noon threw subtle shade towards White Claw in the announcement, saying Wallace is “famously known for his lawless taglines and malt-based seltzer choices, is the latest High Noon convert and has rid his fridge of lackluster beverages in favor of the premium, spirits-based High Noon Tequila Seltzer.”


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It’s possible Wallace had a change of heart after White Claws sent him a cease and desist order in July 2019 over his booze-centered merch line. In response, Wallace poked fun at the company and even looped competitor Truly into the conversation:

In the past year, High Noon has solidified as one of the fastest-growing brands in the spirits sector and the no. 1 best-selling spirit brand in the U.S. The brand sold a whopping 16 million cases of the stuff in 2022, so it’s no wonder why Wallace would want to secure such a sweet partnership.