Apparently, Travis Scott could be the next big name in hard seltzer.

In a recent interview with Forbes, the Houston-born rapper pulled out “a glass beer bottle filled with a clear liquid.” He offered a taste to the article’s author, Abram Brown, who said it tasted “crisp and fruity.”

A plain white label partially covered the bottle, naming the liquid “Cacti.” This early batch is part of a hard seltzer deal that Brown called “until now, top secret.”

The deal was struck between Scott and the world’s largest brewing company AB InBev. While many celebrities have endorsed and even built their own spirits brands, the move into hard seltzer is a smart one. According to Grand Review Research, the hard seltzer market was valued at $4.4 billion in 2019. That number is expected to grow quickly and reach $14.5 billion by 2027.

In the interview, Brown sampled a strawberry seltzer, and Scott confirmed he was working on other flavors, including lime. Cacti could mark an important transition for Scott, who primarily sees earnings from creative corporate partnerships. While major companies like McDonalds and Fortnite have reaped the benefits of his branding, Scott deserves a project that is wholly his own.

Hard Seltzer could be that project, and represent a great new product for fans. Just imagine the millions of people already going sicko mode with a crisp, cool can of Cacti in their hands.