Move over Two Buck Chuck, there’s a new Trader Joe’s wine in town and it might be just enough to dethrone the reigning king of cheap wine. Introducing Trader Joe’s new Simpler Wines Italian Sparkling Wine, which sells for $3.99 for a four-pack of cans.

The wine (or “Italian vino frizzante,” as TJ’s puts it), comes in sparkling white or sparkling rosé. The white is described as having “notes of juicy honeydew and fresh cut herbs” for ultimate “sweet sippability.” The rosé doesn’t get the same loving word treatment, but hey, it’s $3.99 for four cans, ok?

The cans are 6 fluid ounces, which just a little more than the standard glass of wine. It doesn’t carry the famous Charles Shaw name, but the real draw here is portability. You can take cans places where glass simply can’t go. Plus they’re much more environmentally friendly than glass. Of course, the cans probably won’t age as well as the bottles do, but that’s probably not your intent.

Not everyone will get to bask in the joy of $4 cans of sparkling Trader Joe’s branded wine, though. According to Brokelyn, a Brooklyn-based, online community publication, Simpler Sparkling Wine is only available at the Union Square Trader Joe’s Wine Shop in New York City.

Canned wine vacation, anyone?