For the fourth year in a row, Guinness is the top beer consumed across the world, according Untappd.

On Saturday, Untappd released its annual list of the top beers shared or “checked in” by users in 2021. Untappd is a geosocial network and application that allows users to check into different bars, share photos, view tap lists, rate beers, and see what their friends are drinking. Each beer was ranked based on the number of “check-ins,” or how many times users shared that they were drinking a brand on the application.

Guinness, which has collected more than 2 million check-ins in the site’s history, claimed 188 thousand check-ins in 2021. While Guinness held its top spot, with Heineken in second with close to 107 thousand check-ins, BrewDog Punk IPA slipped from second place in 2020 to third place this year, with 98 thousand check-ins.

Considering that Untappd is an app known for attracting devoted beer drinkers and even encouraging “ticker culture,” a top-10 list of mass-marketed global beer brands may come as a surprise to some users. While the app does have millions of users across the globe, Untappd’s final stats likewise are not reflective of the most consumed beers across the globe, which include the Chinese brand Snow and good old Bud Light.

What this list does provide is insight on the demographic of active and enthusiastic beer drinkers on Untappd. Knowing this global scale and social media hive mentality helps with understanding the top 10 list. At number eight is Tripel Karmeliet, a traditional Belgian Tripel with 79 thousand check-ins, while the Italian lager, Birra Moretti, was just ahead of it with 81 thousand check-ins. While these beers are classics in their own right, it isn’t necessarily reflective of what the average beer nerd or consumer drinks.

Check out Untappd’s list of the top 10 beers in 2021

  1. Guinness Draught — Guinness — 188,064 check-ins
  2. Heineken — Heineken — 106,885 check-ins
  3. Punk IPA — BrewDog — 98,006 check-ins
  4. Corona Extra — Grupo Modelo — 92,795 check-ins
  5. IPA — Lagunitas Brewing Co. — 92,157 check-ins
  6. Miller Lite — Miller Brewing Co. — 89,962 check-ins
  7. Birra Moretti L’Autentica/Ricetta Originale — Birra Moretti — 81,830 check-ins
  8. Tripel Karmeliet — Brouwerij Bosteels — 80,512 check-ins
  9. Stella Artois — Stella Artois — 79,392 check-ins
  10. Traditional Lager — Yuengling Brewery — 78,437 check-ins