This Photographer Took Pictures Of People After One, Two, And Three Glasses Of Wine. The Results Are Hilariously Accurate.

Sure we all know we act and look a bit different – even become more attractive – after a glass or two of wine. But if we don’t document the journey, how do we know for sure?

“There is a saying about wine that I really like,” photographer Marcos Alberti told AdFreak, “and it’s something like this: ‘The first glass of wine is all about the food, the second glass is about love and the third glass is about mayhem.’ I really wanted to see it for myself if that affirmation was, in fact, true.”

Alberti started inviting people to his studio and photographing them as they drank wine together. First he’d take a picture before a glass was poured and then he’d subsequently snap photos after each glass was consumed. “The first picture is taken right away when our guest has just arrived at the studio in order to capture the stress and the fatigue after working all day long, and from also facing rush hour traffic to get here,” Alberti says. “Only then can fun time and my project begin. At the end of every glass of wine, a snapshot. Nothing fancy—a face and a wall, three times.”

We think the photos clearly prove that winos have more fun. But we’ll let you be the judge of that.

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